Benefits Business Pay services for employers and intermediairies

Security in combination with flexibility at low cost

  • You are also protected for all employer risks such as absenteeism and 'dismissal issues'
  • You always keep control over your employees, while the payroll organization provides the salary and any other employers obligations
  • Your organization is fully flexible, while it still continues having its own staff feeling a bond with your organization as strong as before
  • A personal account manager for both companies and freelancers ensures a customized service
  • As ISO 4400-01 certified company, our partner takes over your existing or your new (interim) employees. This organization is therefore legal employer of your self-employed professional or employee.
  • You have no payroll and you do not need to pay income taxes.
  • Specialized in optimal service for employers and made to measure back office services for intermediaries!

Why request for more information?

Because our payrolling partner has more than 25 years of experience and is therefore an expert as well as a reliable partner whose priority is to deliver top quality services. She has fully customized her business with tailor-made services as a result. She holds all necessary certificates and follows very high-quality standards.

In addition through Planet Interim you will pay a very attractive fee!

So, please request for information and ask your questions
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