This document describes how your personal and/or company data are dealt with by Planet Interim B.V. (hereafter referred to as: ‘Planet Interim') via the website, or connected websites (hereafter also referred to as: the ‘Sites'). 

We collect, make use of and share personal and/or company data in order to operate the Site of Planet Interim. Planet Interim B.V. (Dutch eq. of Ltd.), registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam with number 34318863, is responsible for data processing as referred to in the Data Protection Act [Wet Bescherming Persoons- and/or organisatiegegevens] and, as per May 25 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in the Netherlands known as "Algemene verordening gegevensbescherming". By making use of the Site, you agree to the terms and conditions of this privacy policy.


If you join Planet Interim as a professional, then:

  •   your profile, as a whole or summarized, can be shared with potential employers, whereby only logged in organizations can see your name and can contact you;
  •   your personal information and settings are used to match your profile to relevant assignments and organizations;
  •   your will receive service messages, including relevant assignments, changes in conditions, status updates and newsletters;
  •   you accept that Planet Interim uses cookies and Google Analytics to monitor and optimize the performance of its websites in order to achieve the best possible user experience.
  •   you know that Planet Interim does not share your personal data with third parties, unless it is legally obliged to do so.


Personal and/or company data of other registered users of Planet Interim which you have collected on, or connected websites may solely be used to reply to a particular placement or statement (assignment, banner) by that other registered user and not for sending advertising and/or for collecting and further processing personal and/or company data from persons and/or companies who have not given their permission for this. Planet Interim can obstruct messages which are sent via, or connected websites by automatic means, in order to prevent spamming.


Planet Interim is authorized to give selected third parties access to interim assignments and/or advertisements placed by you, in order to allow them to promote your statement on their website. If your statement contains personal or company data, this data could involve (the part of) your statement which is visible on the website in question. If you would like to prevent this happening, we would advise you not to place any personal or company data in the advertisement itself but only in the entry fields intended for this purpose. Without your permission, we will not sell or hire your personal and/or company data to third parties for marketing purposes. We can pass on personal and/or company data to particular third parties (such as Police, judicial authorities and entitled parties) in order to meet legal obligations or a legal judgement, or if this is necessary in the interests of preventing, tracing or prosecuting criminal offences (such as fraud, deception or swindling) or if this is necessary in order to enforce our policy or in the interests of protecting the rights and freedoms of other parties. If we are involved in a merger or takeover, then we can share your personal and/or company data with another company. We will inform you of this in a timely way. In addition, we can engage third parties who process that data for us under strict terms and conditions regarding security and secrecy, for purposes solely to be determined by us as described in this privacy policy.


When you visit, or connected websites, one or more cookies can be used. Cookies are small files which a website leaves behind on your computer. The Sites instruct the web browser with which you view websites (for example, Internet Explorer, Safari or Mozilla Firefox) to store these cookies on your computer. We use ‘session cookies' in order to facilitate navigating the website and ‘permanent cookies' in order to store users' settings, thus optimizing the user friendliness of the Sites for you. Permanent cookies serve for putting more specific information on the Sites and for collecting information for purposes of direct communication, such as providing useful information about our products and services and specific marketing. You have the possibility of receiving a warning when a cookie is placed and/or to refuse cookies. You can adjust your web browser for this purpose. Consult your web browser manual for instructions on how to do this. However, then you will no longer be able to use all the possibilities of the Sites. The cookie remains valid for a maximum of 60 days. Cookies cannot damage your computer or files stored on your computer.


Planet Interim uses Google Analytics to monitor and optimize the performance of the Sites in order to achieve the best possible user experience. We have turned on the IP Anonymization feature in Google Analytics to be sure we do not store your IP with Google.


When you make use of, or or connected websites, we collect and process the following personal data:

  •   from visitors who have set up a ‘Planet Interim account' (registered users), we collect and process log-in data, information about assignments, work experience (tasks and responsibilities, including possible names of current and former principals and employers), education, courses, and any offers regarding interim assignments, name, and in as far as submitted, postal code, country other than the Netherlands (if applicable), telephone number, calling possibilities and payment possibilities for paying interim professionals and/or principals;
  •   from all visitors to the Sites, we collect and process standard information about the Internet use, statistics on page views, traffic from and to Planet Interim;
  •   from interim professionals and principals who communicate via the Sites, we collect IP addresses and email addresses;
  •   from advertisers, we collect the IP address, email address and in so far as submitted, name, address details, telephone number, advertisement details and (depending on the service used) sometimes financial information, such as payment methods used;
  •   from participants in promotions, we collect and process details of name and address, email address and submissions for the promotion in question;
  •   from people who visit the Sites or send a message to Planet Interim, we collect and process the IP address, name, email address, control details of the PC, hardware information of the device that is used for visiting the Sites (such as the screen size to be able to use 'responsive design' for improving the users experience for example with the use of a smartphone) and the question or remark;
  •   as a result of reports, we can process information about disputes between interim professionals and principals and/or advertisers (including personal and/or company data) and information about breaches or alleged breaches of intellectual property rights and other illegal actions.


Your data is used for the following purposes:

  •   being able to supply our services, such as making available an online platform on for interested parties in the areas of interim management (independent professionals, principals and advertisers), forums, instruments including the Rate Indicator, the Interim agreements generator, overviews of useful links, company presentations, minisites, mediation agencies and promotions if you take part in this;
  •   promoting secure contact via Planet Interim and following up on tips and/or reports regarding unlawful actions via, or connected websites;
  •   answering questions from users;
  •   registering reports of disputes and breaches or alleged breaches of intellectual property rights, as well as promoting the resolution of disputes;
  •   providing (personal) information to particular third parties (such as Police, judicial authorities and entitled parties) if we see a need for this on the grounds of laws and legislation or on the grounds of this Privacy policy;
  •   enforcing adherence to these Users' terms and conditions;
  •   collecting compensations;
  •   measuring the interest in the services of Planet Interim and promoting the user friendliness of the website;
  •   informing users about our own services and updates;
  •   making specific own offers and sending own advertisements and
  •   any other purposes as specifically described under data collection.


We can use the data which we have obtained via the placement of a statement such as interim assignments, banners, minisites, company presentations, profiles or advertisements on Planet Interim in order to send you offers or contact you by telephone about similar products or services of Planet Interim. If you no longer wish to receive Marketing Communication from Planet Interim, you can easily let us know at any time by sending us a message using this contact page.


Only after logging in, you can view, amend or remove your personal and/or company data on the page of your ‘My Account Dashboard'. You can send us a request for generating a new password by clicking here. In line with the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPRA), you can also contact our customer services through using this contact page  to send us a request for viewing your personal and/or company data which we have stored and which cannot be directly consulted on, or connected websites. We can charge a compensation for costs, but this amount will not exceed the amounts permitted by law. If your data is factually incorrect or incomplete, or is not relevant to the purposes for which we process your data, then you can request us to amend or to remove your data. We remove personal and/or company data when we no longer need these for the purposes described above. We store personal and/or company data insofar as permitted by law for resolving disputes, enforcing our policy and to prevent people with malicious intents.

After you have terminated your Planet Interim account permanently, and you no longer have obligations towards Planet Interim, such as owed payments, your profile will be cleared of information that can be traced to you no later than 30 days after termination. We will for example remove your name, work experience and contact details. We are, however, obliged to keep invoices sent to you in our records.

We like to point out that the resume of interim professionals, after being registered, will be visible on the internet mentioning their name(s) but without mentioning any contact details such as email addresses and phone number. Potential clients can make selections based on the profiles of interim professionals. Only clients who are interested in the services of an interim professional can, after being logged in and being known, view and download the full CV with the contact details. Be aware what you publish on the Internet. We recommend interim professionals to check their visible profile after being properly registered.


We take various technical and organizational measures (including use of coding, passwords, physical security) in order to protect your personal and/or company data from loss or from any form of unauthorized access, unauthorized announcements or other illegal processing. However, we cannot give any guarantees.


We use a 'Protocol Notification Data Leaks', which has been drawn up by Van Iersel Luchtman Advocaten.


We can amend this privacy policy at all times and the amendments will apply immediately. We would advise you to acquaint yourself regularly with this privacy policy.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, you can send them using our contact page.

This privacy policy was last amended on May 3, 2018.

Planet Interim, May 3, 2018