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Planet Interim connects interim managers, freelance specialists and their clients quickly and inexpensively. As a sourcing tool and matching platform, it automatically matches 1,700 new interim vacancies, projects and interim assignments from over 2,500 employers, brokers and MSPs with thousands of available interim managers, consultants and freelance professionals every day. Because Planet Interim is an independent tool and not a recruitment and selection agency, we do not charge organisations any fees for a match. This saves them at least 10% to 25% in hiring fees, which they can share with professionals. Clients with an account can post five assignments for free every month and access an unlimited number of interim managers and freelance professionals directly from our database.Read more

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For interim managers, consultants and freelance professionals

Planet Interim helps interim managers and freelance specialists get in direct contact with clients with less loss of time and revenue. After free registration, you can be found by employers and respond to interim assignments easily. Every day, our platform automatically matches interim vacancies from over 2,500 clients and real-time assignments from over 300 intermediaries and social media with your preferences. If you update your profile, only relevant employers will receive an anonymous alert. So join now and save time and money! Learn more

Benefits for interim professionals

Receive actual interim jobs of 2.500+ connected employers and 300+ interim agencies
Be approached much faster by future employers due to our top search engine positions
Offer your optimal hourly rate per assignment due to unique auction technology
Receive a fair rate and build lasting relationships with employers
Differentiate yourself by reviews of past employers
Connected employers and social media get notified when you have updated your profile
Enjoy the free basic membership which gives access to all functionalities

For employers

Our platform makes finding and hiring interim managers and freelance professionals easy, cost-effective and less time-consuming. As employer, MSP or intermediary, you post five assignments every month at no cost. We automatically match assignments and projects with our network of more than 25,000 affiliated professionals. With a company account, you can also proactively approach unlimited interim professionals from our database. For recruiters, we have a special Recruiters Deal. Create a company account now in five minutes and save time, effort and money and gain exposure to higher-educated interim managers and freelance specialists! Read more

Benefits for employers

Build a relationship with freelance and interim professionals, directly and free of charge
Interim and freelance professionals offer their best rate, due to our auction technology
Save extra as employers do not pay a fee in case of a match
Publish five interim assignments each month completely free of charge
From the sixth assignment you will pay only € 7.95 service charge per assignment
No hassle, a possible invoice and specification automatically follows by e-mail
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