As an independent professional working for whoever you want for as long as you want? Without risk for your employer or intermediary? At Uniforce, you get free no-obligation advice on which form of business suits you. And whether it would be advantageous for you to work with one of the Uniforce solutions.

Solutions for independent professionals


Which solution is best for you depends on the assignment, your personal financial preferences and existing legislation. There are several options!

  •      Declarable Hours B.V.

    In this concept, you as a professional set up a DUBV (Declarabele Uren B.V.) together with Uniforce, you yourself become an employee of that DUBV. The DUBV is in fact a personal secondment company, which means the employer runs no risk whatsoever. And you are insured yourself against unemployment, illness and disability.

  •     Personal Agent

    A secondment formula, but with a legal employer who is there purely for you. Uniforce Personal Agent handles everything contractually with your employer and ensures correct salary payments. You remain in control with our 100% transparent payslip. In addition, Personal Agent can also act as your representative in your contacts with the employer.

  •      Personal Books

    Are you an independent professional and don't like administration? Personal Books provides administration services for DUBVs, DGAs and ZZP'ers. The services we can provide for you from Personal Books are: payroll administration, financial reporting, tax returns, NEN certification, unblocking the G account, filing annual accounts with the Chamber of Commerce, sharing financial knowledge. You can purchase this service for an all-in price per month.