Planet Interim receives Quality Mark Work Association of Modern Workers

The Work Association is the advocacy platform for Modern Workers: people who want to be in charge of their own lives, careers and social security. They do not fit into the pigeonhole of employees who want or can work for forty years in permanent employment with the same employer. Because mainly the traditional parties have united, the interests of Modern Workers are often translated into traditional solutions with negative consequences for Modern Workers, the economy and society. This Hallmark promotes, assesses and validates the way modern employers and Modern Workers wish to shape their mutual relations in a better way.

Subjects assessed

The Work Association rated Planet Interim on five aspects that Modern Workers consider important when choosing an organization to work with. These five aspects are:

1. Autonomy
2. Flexibility & security
3. Transparency
4. Bureaucracy
5. Reliability

Management summary About Planet Interim

Planet Interim is a sourcing and matching platform that speeds up and reduces the cost of hiring interim managers and freelance specialists. Planet Interim matches more than 1,700 new interim assignments daily from 3,000+ employers. The target audience consists of professionals who want to deliver their work in a flexible form of collaboration, for example, ZZP'ers, freelancers, interim managers and professionals to be seconded or outsourced.


The Modern Worker takes center stage. Planet Interim contributes to the individual freedom of choice, autonomy and control of the Modern Worker by offering professionals and employers an instrument through which they can contact each other directly, without loss of income and margin stacking. Planet Interim is not a party in the chain and the professional owes us nothing, except a service fee with a paid premium membership.

Flexibility & Security

Flexibility is important to Modern Workers, as is a certain level of security. Planet Interim contributes to the balance between the degree of flexibility and security in that users determine everything themselves; there is no relation to Planet Interim as a mediator, assignment or employer. With regard to security, guidance is provided on request by specialists via partnerships, think of parties such as Uniforce or Pay for People or Tentoo although that is not the role of Planet Interim because they are not intermediaries, assignment or employers.


The Modern Worker wants transparency. A good working revenue model is important for every entrepreneur. Planet Interim has a paid premium membership for a service fee as of 15 per month (on a six-month basis) or a free basic membership. As a service tool, Planet Interim is not substantively involved in assignment(s) or the selection of professionals. Because Planet Interim is emphatically not a mediation agency, does not represent individual professionals or organizations and does not charge a margin or fee for a match, the saved commission of an average of 24% can be shared. Planet Interim was set up to bring interim professionals and employers into direct contact with each other so that they can agree on a fair rate. For example, when assignments are posted, the highest, lowest, average and most frequently offered hourly rate to date are displayed.


The Modern Working wants to do business with reliable parties. Planet Interim responds to this need by providing a complaint committee for privacy violations. Planet Interim further engages in continuous auditing and feedback processing. Everyone who unsubscribes is asked for feedback.


The Modern Worker doesn't like bureaucracy. Planet Interim was created to connect interim professionals and employers directly so they can agree on a fair rate. Bureaucracy is prevented by making an innovative tool available to both professionals and employers through which they can directly contact each other, thus preventing margin stacking and loss of income.


Planet Interim contributes to a sustainable labour market by making the market more remote/online transparent and facilitating immediate contact.