FAQ - Employers

1. What is Planet Interim's added value for employers?

Click here for an overview of the benefits of Planet Interim for employers. You can post up to 5 assignments per month for free on Planet Interim. Create a employer account now in 5 minutes for free.

For recruiters, there is also a special 'recruiters deal' with which we take care of all the worries and automatically list, code and post your assignments to our platform. We then automatically match assignments with our affiliated professionals and visitors and deliver them to your assignment. This keeps your process completely intact. Click here to learn more about the recruiters deal.

2. Is there more information on rates and areas of expertise of registered interim professionals?

Here you will find an infographic with more information on affiliated interim managers, freelance specialists and consultants registered with Planet Interim.

Via our unique, up-to-date benchmark-rates-tool, which we have developed together with IG Group, you will find current and reliable hourly rates per function or type of assignment (for the Netherlands).

3. What is Planet Interim's revenue model?

The earning model of Planet Interim consists of basic memberships with a no cure-no pay component, and paid premium subscriptions, see premium benefits, for affiliated professionals.

There are also company partnerships with organisations which post larger numbers of Assignments on Planet Interim, for example.

4. We have a company account. Why can't I log in?

You can log in in the Log In area at the top right of every page by clicking LOG IN in the orange block. The login e-mail address is also your username. Enter the password you created earlier. The password confirmation e-mail you received from us also contains a link that allows you to log in with one click and go to the employer account dashboard. The easiest way is to use 'copy/paste' to paste the sent password into the field and then let the browser remember it. Please ensure that no punctuation marks, such as . The system will then reject the login attempt. Then click 'Login' or enter.

Every Contact using the Employers Account has its own email and password Log In combination.

Even with the new password, logging in does not work

If logging in with the new password (still) fails, it may mean that previously stored data such as 'cookies' and 'temporary files' (containing, for example, old login information) conflict with the new data to be entered. It is advisable to delete the 'history', 'cookies' and 'temporary files' and then try again with the new data.

Forgot your password? Request a new password here.

5. Why can't employers see full CVs?

It is important that only seriously interested employers can contact affiliated interim professionals. It should also be traceable who contacts whom. For privacy reasons, it is also important that interim profiles cannot be found on the web with full contact details.

Employers must be logged in themselves to be able to contact interim professionals. Employers can make a selection through variables such as sector experience, field and job group, work experience, education, recommendation scores and so on.

In search results, a profile summary of interim professionals is shown to employers. This allows an employer to estimate in advance how well the profiles of the interim professionals shown match.

If an employer posts the assignment, the responses do include a full CV including contact details, motivation and rate indication of the interim professional(s).

6. Is Planet Interim an intermediary agency and do we owe a fee in case of a match?

No. Planet Interim is emphatically not a recruitment agency but an independent interim platform whose mission is to make the interim market more transparent, reduce hiring costs and increase speed in the process. We are completely independent and not affiliated with any interim staffing agency, interest group, bank or insurer and the like.

We provide functionality, information and relevant users as an advanced marketplace to match interim supply and demand in a more cost-efficient and effective way. By delivering quality at competitive prices, we aim to achieve quantity, both in terms of the number of registered (paying premium) interim professionals and the number of directly placed interim assignments. This is what the 'earnings model' is based on.

7. Who has access to stored data of candidates?

Only seriously interested employers can contact interim professionals and vice versa. It is always traceable who is contacting whom. For privacy reasons, interim profiles cannot be found directly on our site with full contact details. Employers therefore have to be logged in themselves to send an interim professional a contact request.

When an interim professional decides to respond via Planet Interim to an interim assignment posted directly on this site, the complete profile, including contact details, motivation and rate indication will be sent to the advertiser/client.

8. What is unique about the assignments I post on Planet Interim as an employer?

As an employer, you post up to 5 assignments every month completely free of charge. The assignments are equipped with advanced auction technology. The interim professionals therefore see in advance the highest, lowest, average and most common hourly rate already offered for that assignment. The interim professional can thus more consciously and purposefully quote an hourly rate or refrain from participating. The increased transparency will save a lot of effort for both interim professionals and employers, while at the same time achieving a fair but competitive price.

Voorbeeld veiling opdracht op Planet Interim

Click here for more information on the auction technology.