Our Unique Benchmark Rate Tool, Rate Indicator and your Personal Minimum Rate

A client does not pay taxes, social security contributions and suchlike. An independent professional pays these himself and must reserve a suitable rate for this. Due to competition, changes in the economy and the market, and because assignments run longer or shorter, there is no always a suitable rate. The rate is always the result of negotiations between the contractor and the client.

You will find three methods below as a basis for determining a suitable hourly rate:

  1. Take the gross income of a comparable permanent position as a base.

    The advantage is that many aspects such as scarcity are already incorporated into a fixed gross salary. Independent professionals can enjoy tax advantages but also have to take care of more own insurances and payments. It is certainly not 100% comparable but useful as an indication.

  2. Calculate your personal minimum hourly rate, in fact your 'lower limit'.

    This depends on the type of work you do, the number of hours to be worked and the level of costs and personal wishes. This rate guarantees a standard of living and concretises how far your rate can go down.

  3. Our Benchmark Tariffs tool based on market research by Intelligence Group and data from Planet Interim.

    We have developed a unique rate tool with which you can easily find the benchmark of your own hourly rate. The data is updated every six months and is mainly based on the Dutch market.

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